We are a noisy bunch of 16 early stage researchers (ESRs) from across the world, 13 different countries and 4 continents to be precise. We currently live and work in 9 different institutes or universities across Europe (as shown by the solid black squares on the map). What is common between us is that we have all moved to a different country to be a part of the research network EUROPAH and we are all studying the same family of molecules – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Between us, we speak at least a dozen different languages and half of us are learning a new language currently.

We come from diverse academic backgrounds, too. Some of us are experimental physicists, some are theoretical chemists, a couple of us are engineers, a few more are physicists, one is a toxicologist and we also have a social scientist in our group. Most of us don’t fit into a single category and dabble around with a lot of things.

From Zebra fish to lasers and from supercomputers to blackboards we use whatever it takes to understand PAHs, the molecules found in the interstellar medium (ISM) a century ago that have created more questions than they have answered.

Here’s a list of the 16 ESRs, click on the link to know more about us.


ESR 1 Georgios Pantazidis is from Greece and currently works at Aarhus University in Denmark.

ESR 2 Zeyuan Tang is from China and is one of the last ones to join the network. He is also at Aarhus University.

ESR 3 Rijutha Jaganathan is the third ESR at Aarhus University and she is from India.

ESR 4 Dario Campisi is from Sicily and works with A. G. G. M Tielens at Leiden, The Netherlands.

ESR 5 Sanjana Panchagnula is the last one to join the network and the youngest in our group. She is an Indian from the UK and she is also working at Leiden.

ESR 6 Michał Bulak is Polish but don’t let his American accent fool you. He is also at Leiden.

ESR 7 Lorenzo Maddii Fabiani is from Florence in Italy and currently works at Münster in Germany.

ESR 8 Rushdi Senevirathne is the laid back chemist from Sri Lanka working at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

ESR 9 Lindsey St. Mary is the only toxicologist on the team. She is from the USA and currently works at Herriot Watt University, too.

ESR 10 Martin Alliati is from Argentina and works at Liverpool. He is the only ESR from South America!

ESR 11 Shreyak Banhatti is also from India. He works in labs at both Cologne and Nijmegen.

ESR 12 Evgeny Posenitskiy is from Russia and he is working as a theoretical chemist in Toulouse, France, now.

ESR 13 Gabi Wenzel is from Germany and she is also at the University of Toulouse but as an experimental physicist.

ESR 14 Julianna Palotas is from the beautiful city Budapest, Hungary and she currently works in Nijmegen with the FELIX setup.

ESR 15 Yaolin Wang is from China and works in the same group as Martin in Liverpool, UK.

ESR 16 Laurene Cheilan is the social scientist of the network. She is from France and currently works in Bristol, UK.