EUROPAH featured in AstroPAH


Earlier this week, the EUROPAH network was featured in AstroPAH, a monthly newsletter focused on the latest research about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in astronomical environments. AstroPAH aims to highlight the experimental, theoretical and observational work that scientists around the world perform on PAHs and promote further development within the field by uniting its members. Each month, AstroPAH publishes the abstracts of newly accepted papers, theses, and dissertations relevant to the world of interstellar PAHs. Sections dedicated to job announcements and meetings are also included, as well as a “Picture of the Month” and an “In Focus” piece (a special article about any topic relevant to PAH research).

This month (November 2018, Issue 53), the “In Focus” article was an interview with several of our very own ESRs! We were interviewed on our research, our involvement and aspirations in the field of astronomical PAHs, and our views on the benefits of being part of a European Training Network. Click here to read our interviews to find out more about us!

For more information about the EUROPAH network itself, click here to read an earlier interview with one of our project investigators, Liv Hornekær (July 2016, Issue 30).

This blog post was written by Sanjana Panchagnula who also coordinated with the editors of AstroPAH for the “In Focus” article.