Doing a PhD in France

Two of our early stage researchers (ESRs), Evgeny and Gabi, are located in the beautiful city of Toulouse, South France, and are studying at the Université de Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier. If you want to do your PhD in France, you’re not only subscribed to a university, but also to a so-called “école doctorale”, a doctoral school which has the responsibility of providing students with structured doctoral training in their disciplinary field. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled, e.g. getting credit points, accomplishing “formations” and giving talks. Being a theoretical chemist, Evgeny’s and Gabi’s work as an experimental physicist within the EUROPAH network are so different from each other, that they even attend different doctoral schools, EDSDM and SDU2E, respectively.

As a requirement for her doctoral school SDU2E, Gabi has to give a presentation in front of her thesis supervision committee every year. Today it was her “comité de suivi de première année de thèse” – the talk students have to give at the end of the first year of their PhD.

If you want to know more about the Université de Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier or the doctoral schools, EDSDM and SDU2E, just follow the hyperlinks or ask Evgeny and Gabi directly!

This post was written by Gabi Wenzel.