Working with things that don’t always want to work is exactly the kind of job Gabi likes and that’s why she’s an experimental physicist. Passionate and curious, she loves to learn new things and to be able to explain why our world – and universe – is how it is. Read on to know who she is and what it is that she enjoys about being a part of EUROPAH. 


  • If you grew up in the Harz mountains, Germany,  you cannot help but love its landscape and nature. Most fun is to discover it while being on a horse’s back. I don’t miss nature in Toulouse, France, my new hometown, the Occitanie region has so much to offer! Also the mix of old and new, of history, culture, science, engineering and technology and how international Toulouse is amazes me on a daily basis.
  • After studying and completing my bachelors and masters in physics (theoretical nonlinear physics, nanophysics, surface science, solid state physics, biomolecular physcis) at the University of Münster, Germany, I applied to be part of the EUROPAH network which luckily was a success! 
  • Ever since I work together with my supervisor Christine Joblin in the lab of IRAP on the photophysics of PAHs, mostly on the relaxation processes of large excited PAHs.
  • The best thing about my current job is that it does not feel like working at all, it’s just exactly what I want to do in my life. It’s making me really happy to have chosen to apply for EUROPAH. I already got to know so many new and awesome people who all share my love for science. In the network, there’s always a helping hand, advice, discussions and a constant exchange of research results which all happens on an international level. I totally adore to be a part of this! Science is not a solo run, it doesn’t work without exchange, discussions, support, and proof. Team work makes the dream work!


The opened PIRENEA setup available at IRAP in Toulouse:



1. What are the three words that describe you the best?

Organized, independent, caring


2. What are your hobbies?

Horse riding, but I can’t perform it at the moment because I have to travel a lot within EUROPAH.  I also have a huge social life and love to be with my (old and of course also new) friends and family for who I travel a lot, too. In order to relax I love reading a book (way too often it happens to be Harry Potter) or to watch one episode of the German series “Tatort“.


3. Who is your favourite sportsperson?

Definitely HGW – Hans Günther Winkler. He was a German show jumper who – together with his outstanding horse Halla – won individual and team gold in the Olympics 1956 with a pulled groin muscle. Top that!


4. What is your pet peeve?

See 7.


5. What is your favourite food?

Everything my grandma cooks or bakes.


6. Which languages do you speak?

German, English, and I also try my best to speak French!


7. What is your superpower? 

I’m a perfectionist. It’s talent and pet peeve at the same time.


8. Anything else?

Yes! During my time at IRAP I’m part of UniverSCiel, an association of PhD students who organise outreach events especially for children. We do interventions in schools, information evenings for the children and their parents and we also organise the festival Astro-Jeunes, which is a whole week of teaching, crafting, showing, and exploring astronomy in a playful way.


Explaining our Solar System to children aged 4 to 6.

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