Zeyuan Tang joined as an ESR at Aarhus University just a month ago and he already loves the city and the university. He likes the work-life balance and the friendly research group that he is a part of.

I got my bachlor degree dof  Applied Chemistry in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China. And I entered the field of computational chemistry for the thesis prodject. Then I contiunued my career in this area in Soochow University. My work there was to inverstigate propane dehydrogenation on metal and metal oxide surfaces using Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations.

In July 2018, I moved to Aarhus, Denmark after getting a Chemistry master degree from Soochow University. Now I am a PhD student in Department of Physics and Astronomy and working in Bjørk Hammer’s group. My job here is to use DFT calculations to study the catalytic activity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their interaction with grain surfaces. These theoretical calculations will be closely combined with the experimental work in EUROPAH. At the present stage, I am learning evolutional algorithms (EA) and machine learning techniques, which can accelerate the structure optimization process.

Structure optimization algorithms developed in Bjørk Hammer’s group

I enjoy studying and living in Aarhus where you can feel relaxed and close to nature. And it’s also a great pleasure to be the part of EUROPAH.

Aarhus city view outside the office
University Park
The rainbow after rains