It’s not surprising that Lorenzo who is from Florence loves art and architecture in addition to his love for experimental physics. Polite, chivalrous and empathetic, Lorenzo currently lives and works in Munster but language is not a problem as he speaks German and is even taking additional classes for it. Though he misses the good food he enjoys the youthful vibe of Munster. Here’s what he has to say about his journey so far and his current work.  

About me and my academic journey…

Hi, I’m Lorenzo, I come from Italy, from Florence, where I did my university studies in physics and astrophysics.

Currently I’m doing my phd at the university of Münster in Germany with professor Zacharias, trying to understand some of the reactions involving PAHs that can take place in the interstellar medium. I work at the Center for Nanotechnology, picture 1, and below that you can see a part of the laboratory I work in, with my ultrahigh vacuum chamber.

Center for Nanotechnology
My lab

My life on a daily basis…

Usually during the day, I work in the laboratory or study on papers or books, but the good thing about being a PhD student is that you can arrange the time as you want, choosing by yourself what to do in each part of the day. In the evenings, I play guitar, or go for a swim or go out with friends, nevertheless I always find some time to read a not physics-related book! I also study German, I like languages in general and German is a very interesting one, besides it is helpful to know the language of the place you live in!

Thoughts on EUROAPAH…

I’ve always been interested in the research world, and the EUROPAH is a very nice network that helps you to better understand how this world works. I can’t really think of something else I could have done instead of research. I’ve chosen my PhD project because I became really interested in the origin of life and astrobiology during my master degree, and PAHs in space are just a previous step in the emergence of life.

Travel and new cities…

Life in Florence was very nice, moreover I have most of my friends and family there, and of course a lot of very good food, but living in Münster is very enjoyable too. It is a young city with a lot of occasions for young people to amuse, learn and get to know other people.

One of the things I would really like to do, while I’m still able to do it, is a long trip discovering amazing places in the nature all over the world, but of course I need to wait until I obtain my degree. Anyway, I really hope I will be able to do it!